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Here at Scootify our new electric scooter department is fully up and running, We can repair all brands of electric scooters so if you have a broken scooter or known someone who has we are here to help. there are no waiting lists we can offer you a quick turnaround on most repairs, why not come pay us a visit for a free no obligation quote and get back on your wheels in no time

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Our aim is to give our customers confidence in their purchase and back that up with ongoing physical support in the form of our shop, product guarantees and servicing.

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We all know that we need to be doing more for the environment. In recent years, the full extent of climate change has become increasingly foreboding. If you’re looking for ways to do your bit, an electric scooter can help.

An electric scooter doesn’t have an engine and won’t negatively impact the environment. Simply charge your scooter at home and your journey is fully fueled by electricity. This makes e-scooters the ideal transport for local journeys, meaning you can leave the car at home. 

E-scooters have risen in popularity for inner city commuters or those who need to journey further than walking distance. With top speeds of 40mph and a range of up to 31 miles, this is the next big transport innovation. Most e-scooters come with a collapsible frame too, meaning you won’t have to go through the pesky process of finding a parking space.


There’s been a lot of discussion surrounding the legality of electric scooters. If you’re looking to buy an e-scooter, it’s important to understand where you can and can’t ride it.  

The sight of more people riding e-scooters on roads may make you think they’re okay to ride. However, there are different rules for different areas of the country. It’s important to do your research before riding. 

E-scooters are legal to ride on private land and are being trialed in some areas of the UK, including London. With more people avoiding public transport due to COVID-19, it’s believed the police are taking a lenient view on e-scooter use unless they’re being used recklessly. At E-Scooters 4 Less, we believe it’s only a matter of time until electric scooters can be ridden freely in the UK.

When riding an electric scooter, it’s important to ensure your rear braking lights are visible and you obey the rules of the road.